Door hinges

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Door hinges are intended for use on various types of door and gate wings that can be built into internal or external communications. 

Door hinges consist of universal parts, which combine to achieve variants with different methods of fastening and offset. 


Order generator

KL XX. X. X. 

              material, surface finish


     type of hinge and method of fastening


Type and method of fastening:

KL 01 - Door wing and frame by welding

KL 02 - Door wing and frame by screws

KL 03 - Door wing by screws, door frame by welding

KL 04 - Door wing by welding, door frame by screws


offset: viz obr.

(1) Without offset  

(2) Offset 6 mm on a door frame hinge


Surface finish, material:

(1) Standard - galvanized body + brushed stainless steel cover 

(2) Stainless steel 


KL 01 360,00 590,00  
KL 02 390,00 630,00  
KL 03 375,00 605,00  
KL 04 375,00 605,00  
Prices do not include VAT.  



KL 03.2.2 - - the door wing hinge is screwed, the door frame hinge is welded, 6 mm offset, stainless steel